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'Windows No. 3: Self Portrait'


2024, hand woven tapestry (wool, cotton, linen)

58cm w x 47.5cm h
For sale HERE


In a world coloured by diversity, "QUEER" emerges as a tapestry that weaves together the rich, vibrant threads of queer identity. 

In bold, expressive letters, the word "QUEER" takes centre stage, declaring its presence and significance. This tapestry is a vibrant celebration of being queer, navigating the intricacies of the LGBTIQA+ spectrum, and embracing the beauty of being uniquely oneself.

At its core, "QUEER" is a testament to the power of authenticity. It speaks to the courage it takes to unapologetically be who you are, to shatter societal norms, and to proudly declare your place in the rainbow of identities that make up the human experience.

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