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'Road Trip: Larry The Lobster'

'Road Trip: Larry The Lobster'

2022, hand woven tapestry (wool, cotton, linen)
Dimensions:  79cm w x 60cm h

Gatekeeper of the South East.

Larry the Big Lobster stands 17 metres proud, and has signified the beginning of many a Limestone Coast holiday since 1979. Intriguing as only a 4 tonne crustacean can be, Larry is reimagined here in handwoven tapestry. 

In her signature style, Michelle Driver imbues both the feeling of being intrigued and terrified. The predominantly monochromatic palette is mildly nightmarish, with the splashes of orange maintaining still the whimsy and humour of one of Australia’s ‘big’ things.

Since the unveiling of Adelaide’s Big Scotsman in 1963, Australia has full embraced Big Things. Many of these Big Things hold hold a kitsch nostalgia as road trip markers, and a reason to stop and ‘stretch your legs’. Our love of supersizing fruit, animals, clothing, and even a Hills Hoist, embodies the Australian sense of humour.

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