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'Road Trip: Larry The Lobster'

'Theatre Of The Grotesque No. 6: Parental Wishes'

2021, hand woven tapestry
44cm w x 52cm h

For sale HERE

Why can’t you be normal?

We want you to do well; but don’t be better than anyone else.

You are your own person; but don’t be an individual.

Don’t just hang around in the background; but don’t stand out.

he expectations of a child are simple aren’t they? Grow, thrive, become your own person… but don’t become too much of an individual. I mean, you still have to function in society.



If you step out of line, if you think too much for yourself, and if you embrace your individuality then it makes you ripe for bullying and objectification.

But what if I wanted to be an individual? 
What if I wanted to stand out?
What if I wanted to be the best I could possibly be?
What if I just want to be me?
My art practice has given me the ability to achieve all of this. It has allowed me to heal the pain that came of being ostracised and subjugated just for trying to be myself.

Artistic expression gives a voice to my past self, and provides hope to those who are afraid of being true to their inner self.


FINALIST:  Gallery M Open Contemporary Art Prize, 2022

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